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Call For Nominations: 2018 Awards

The Awards Committee of LESA-USA Inc. would like to recognize deserving members who have made contributions to LESA-USA Inc. We invite all members to take part in nominating deserving sisters to the categories listed below.  

Rules for the Nominations:  

  1. Under each category, write the name of a LESAN that you feel deserves an Award for that Category. 
  2. Write a very short statement why you are nominating that person.
  3. After entering the names for each category, forward your email tolesaawardscommittee@yahoo.com  
    PLEASE DO NOT send emails to the general forum or anywhere else.

  4. Nominations and nominees that are not sent DIRECTLY to the Awards Committee will be DISQUALIFIED.
  5. The DEADLINE for all nominations to be received by the Awards Committee is JUNE 15, 2018.
  6. A person may NOT nominate themselves.
  7. Award winners will receive Award Certificates, Prizes and on-stage recognition at the 2018 Convention in CALIFORNIA.

Awards Categories:

  1. Spirit of LESA Award
    This award goes to someone who has gone beyond the call of duty. Someone who is selfless, and has made personal sacrifices in time and resources for LESA.
  2. Ms. Innovation
    This award goes to someone who is creative, innovative and uses her initiative to design projects, programs and services that help our organization run smoothly.
  3. Ms. Unsung Hero
    This award goes to someone who is not in the limelight, but who has worked enormously and tremendously to uplift our Organization
  4. Ms. Branding
    This award goes to someone who is consistent with branding our organization to external sources. Someone who takes the initiative to brand LESA in a positive light to others
  5. Ms. Philanthropy
    This award goes to the top 3 LESAN fundraisers up until JUNE 15, 2018   
    (The Award Winner for this Category will be determined at the Convention)

We look forward to receiving your nominations.
Please send in your nominations at your very earliest convenience!

Goodluck and Blessings,
Awards Committee