LESA USA has contributed over $3,000 towards the health and wellness of Ms. Catherine Ajaga. Below is her story … The pictures are too graphic to display.  
The victim’s name is Ms. Catherine Ajaga. She is 42 years old and appeared to be psychologically challenged. On Wednesday, February 21, 2018, she was found on the side of the road in Buea. She had had her two breasts and her labia (vagina lips) mutilated and abandoned to die. The gentleman who discovered her immediately alerted a Nurse in the neighborhood and called the police. She was rushed to the hospital and is being treated by Dr. Mokake and his team. She is improving and is out of danger. She is from a poor family and is in need of assistance from the community.

LESA DC ran a drive, led by Dr. Agnes Elangwe and raised up 600.000 cfa to assist her hospital bill. Toppled with her mental health challenges, she continues to need medical, psychiatric, psychological, occupational and physical therapies.

The doctor summed her hospital bedding and nursing care to approximately 132.000 cfa per month without including medication billing and other.

Dr. Mokake informed the LESA USA Inc, President – Ms. Christine Nkwain that they are not considering breast implants right away, possibly later down the road. They are more concerned with immediate therapies for her healing.


Photos of her Progress

Click for her Video Update