As much as we may want to do as an organization and as many people as we may want to reach, we come to realize early on that relationships with organizations that do the work in areas we are not so skilled at, is the way to proceed in our global quest to leave a positive impact in our local community, and Cameroon at large. One such organizations, is the Lambe Cameroon Diabetic and Health Foundation.

The Lambe Cameroon Diabetic and Health Foundation is a registered non-profit organization that provides free daily screening and monitoring of diabetes, high blood pressure and weight in Cameroon, Africa. We join them in the belief that the long-term complications of these diseases which include kidney failure, amputations, heart attacks, stroke, blindness, and death, can be prevented or minimized when people monitor these basic health issues.

When they had their fundraiser in March 2018, we, LESA-USA Inc. via way of LESA DC joined the campaign of


and donated $1,000 towards the cause. Their report notes that the money raised is used to buy test strips, lancets, and other supplies.  The money also goes a long way to pay the rent for their Wellness Centers, nurses, transportation of materials and people when they go out for health fairs and other field education campaigns.  Thus far, this organization has carried out over 25,000 free checks, and with more funding they can most definitely accomplish even more. The people they help cannot afford the cost of daily monitoring and basic lab tests. In some areas, there are no facilities for these patients, and are thus very grateful for the services provided this organization provides.

On July 8, 2018, the Lambe Foundation was ecstatic to announce that because of generous donors such as LESA-USA, they were not only able to restock their three existing centers (Buea, Mamfe, and Bamenda), but on June 26, 2018, they were able to open a new center in Santchou, (Nkongsamba) in the Littoral Province of Cameroon.

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Learn More About The Lambe Cameroon Diabetic And Health Foundation by visiting their Facebook page