December 22, 2018: Having all gone to school in Cameroon and with most family ties to the country especially the Northwest and Southwest Provinces, one would literally have to make a deliberate effort to not be aware of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Cameroon. The ongoing turmoil has gotten even worse and the continuous text messages, videos and photos we forward around in our various Social Media forums attest to how dire the situation has become.

LESA DC figured it was about time they did something; take some action in their own little way towards helping the people displaced by the crisis. The ladies of LESA DC, in line with the mission statement – The Girl Child, collaborated with the Archdiocese of Bamenda, NW Province, Cameroon, under the leadership of Bishop Michael Bibi and the Change Care Foundation, to donate $2,000 towards a project that would provide the internally displaced woman – the girl child basic sanitary (personal hygiene) items (Feminine pads, underwear, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc.). That simple donation provided hundreds of women and girls from various villages and Sub-Divisions with the items, no one thinks to grab when fleeing for their lives. After viewing the photos of what could be accomplished, dare we ask ourselves how much more we could do and how much more of a DIFFERENCE; how much more of an IMPACT could we actually make if more of us just took the time and gave what little we had towards the cause.

As an organization, our plan is to do even more come Easter 2019, and of course much more in time your help and support. But OUR HOPE, OUR DAILY PRAYER remains for the crisis in Cameroon to come to an end.

We were informed the photos and the videos don’t portray enough the appreciation and gratitude of the women and girls who showed up at the church and areas where the items were being distributed. It’s our hope that as you view the photos and videos, it propels you to join this cause and DONATE whatever you can towards it.

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