For their end of year philanthropic endeavor for Cameroon, in December 2017, LESA DC aka “DC Awesomes” chose to partner with Generosity:global – a nonprofit organization co-founded and led by the son of a Lourdes Ex-Student, Mr. Richard Akwo. For this endeavor, the ladies participated in a project called “Selfless Saturday – Cameroon”, where the goal was simply to serve 250 orphans in Kumba on December 16, 2017. With the funds raised, LESA DC was able to provide just a little below double the amount necessary for 100% food sponsorship to feed the 250 children from 9 orphanages.

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Mr. Akwo’s reaction was priceless when Generosity:global received the gift from the DC Awesomes. He was so moved that he recorded a video thanking his sisters (LESA DC) for the amazing blessing they had been in providing them with funds to help serve and feed the orphans in Kumba. However, we believe the LESA DC members felt even more blessed for having had the opportunity to reach these kids after viewing the pics from the heartwarming event.